Check Out These Gems From Our Flea Market

By Garth Kant

Jul 4, 2020

Here’s a sample of some of the wonderful collectibles, artifacts, and treasures you can find at the Leigh Acres flea market, every Saturday from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

This sterling example of Americana is popular on eBay. The “Trick Pony” is an elegant form of the highly collectible cast iron banks made popular in the mid-19th century. Cast iron banks can be worth $125 to $150. Cast iron mechanical banks, with moving parts, are rarer and can be worth much more. The rarest are worth more than $10,000. Some have even sold for $100,000.

This vintage railroad lantern is another slice of Americana representing a bygone era when there was so much beauty in everyday items.

From Americana to Slavic heritage…check out this unique version of the Russian nesting doll. Usually, these wooden dolls show a family matron on the outside, with figures of her entire family on the inside – symbolizing both Russian matriarchy and the importance of extended family members. This interesting version from the Soviet era shows a member of the Red Army on the outside.

A bicycle built for two is both a conversation piece and a great way to exercise with your bestie.

Or maybe a soap box derby racer is your preferred method of travel.

Another way to get around…some vintage water skis.

Looking for art? Our collection includes these Victorian-era prints of women’s fashions.

This cluster of clowns appear to represent the star of the famous opera Pagliacci, the jester crying on the inside over his wife’s infidelity.

Chalkware figurines became popular in the mid-19th century. Those in good condition are often worth about $200. Unique and rare examples can be worth more than $1,000. Leigh Acres has a wide variety of figurines, including this moonshiner and farm gal.

Another moonshiner is kept company by some gnomes.

We have a wide variety of animal figurines, including these roosting hens.

Just look at the variety of hens in this house.

This magnificent cardinal would prefer to stand alone.

While this proud peacock prepares to strut his stuff.

Piggies are always popular collector items, with young and old, alike.

And we have them in various shapes and sizes.

And in so many different poses.

Elegant and whimsical representations of animals from Africa.

Just look at the craftsmanship in this beautiful wooden giraffe.

Artifacts from an era when horses were our primary forms of transportation, including trucking and hauling.

Just for the fun of it, a family of mechanical toy ducks all in a row.

And a potpourri of figurines, from puppies to piggies, and doggies to duckies.

Where else but Leigh Acres will you find a cow, a rooster, and a conquistador on a table top?

Plus some camel racers.

If you are looking to spruce up your home or find some great bargains, check out some of our furniture, including this exquisite vintage lamp.

This beautiful red desk is complemented by a chair with some uniquely  rural upholstery.

An end table with a gorgeous marble top.

Vintage clocks always add character to a room.

This rustic table would add charm to a breakfast nook.

Add a touch of elegance with a classic teapot, cups and saucers, vases, or other niknaks.

Other artifacts and conversation pieces.

Religious artifacts also shine as artworks. This rendering of Jesus may be missing its arms, but, like the Venus de Milo, it is in pristine condition, otherwise.

And this carousel of angels is a charming work of devotion.

Not every item shown may be available, as they are all one of a kind, and are all on sale. But keep checking weekly for new discoveries — we get great new stuff all the time!

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