The place to be…

Leigh Acres, a parcel of land located in New Market, Alabama.  

And it’s a whole lot more.   

“You need a farm”

I’m a huge animal lover. 

People have been saying, “You need a farm” for years. 

One day a good friend of mine told me about a farm up for auction and it was mine the moment I saw it.  I went to work feeling like it was mine by writing my name on the wall and taking my closest friends to visit.  I sat by the pond and watched the reflection of the barren trees as the view of the mountains peeked over the horizon. 

It was beautiful. 

It was going to be mine. 

Or rather ours.  It’s about way more than me.

Because my vision crystalized within days of my first visit. 

This would become a haven for people who wanted transformation, second chances, love, and support. 

I would create a retreat center and spaces for people to make art and create new things out of the old.  

The pond would be a place where glampers and campers would spend time in laughter and creating memories.  I would create a store where people could sell their art and we could share the local talent. 

And a place where writers could find quiet to write and musicians could find inspiration in nature.  I would fill the space with art. 

A diverse team would be created to make it all happen.  

And everyone who ever needed a second chance
would find a home.

I’m Leigh Daniel, the founder of Leigh Acres

I am the creator of my own happiness

Love is my guiding principle.

Sharing with others that they too can have a better life became my mission.

Leigh Acres is part of that mission. I hope you will join us.



Our pledge is to create a space filled with love, acceptance and inclusivity.

We believe together we are better and have assembled a diverse team to support our endeavor.



Giving back to the world can create a sense of purpose that many of us are lacking. Working together to provide for others and giving them second chances is more than just writing a check at Christmas. It’s taking on the challenge of creating a space where people are treated equally and are working together to transform lives.



Nature is restorative.

The grass, trees, and pond are the perfect backdrop for transformation and second chances or celebration you’ve been dreaming about.



If you are a workshop leader whether for profit or not for profit, we have a venue perfect for you.

Our retreat space and lodging is available to rent out to facilitate healing and transformative classes.

Get in touch!