The non-profit.

Providing opportunities to create and learn.   

Access to nature, wellness & art

Leigh Acres works hand-in-hand with The Mosaic Creative; A non-profit dedicated to inspiring disadvantaged people by providing an opportunity to create and learn through access to nature, wellness modalities, and the many facets of art with the intention for individual growth and taking time for self.

We will soon offer guided classes in yoga, music, writing, and the many diverse avenues of art. As participants work in this natural setting, they have the time to focus leading to individual transformations and new creations.

As we grow, we hope to offer our participants gallery space in the workshop to show off and potentially sell their creations.

We are currently collaborating with local non-profits to provide new experiences and initiatives to their clients. Leigh Acres welcomes your Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, or artist retreat and offers the lodge and tiny house rentals for both individuals and small groups.

Contact us for more information about The Mosaic Creative at

When you choose Leigh Acres for your place to be, you are also supporting the efforts of The Mosaic Creative.



Our pledge is to create a space filled with love, acceptance and inclusivity.

We believe together we are better and have assembled a diverse team to support our endeavor.



Giving back to the world can create a sense of purpose that many of us are lacking. Working together to provide for others and giving them second chances is more than just writing a check at Christmas. It’s taking on the challenge of creating a space where people are treated equally and are working together to transform lives.



Nature is restorative.

The grass, trees, and pond are the perfect backdrop for transformation and second chances or celebration you’ve been dreaming about.



If you are a workshop leader whether for profit or not for profit, we have a venue perfect for you.

Our retreat space and lodging is available to rent out to facilitate healing and transformative classes.

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